5 Spring 2020 Hair Trends

Want to keep up with the latest hairstyle trends while keeping your locks healthy and making your hair look fullest? Here are some new looks that are fashion-forward and beneficial to hair:

1.Hair Trends:The Soft Pixie

Hair Trends Short hair elves come in many layers, and soft bangs cut to add fullness to slender or thin hair. This textured cut with sides and flaky layers looks great, and can be easily achieved using lightweight styling products (such as hair wax).

2.Hair Trends:The Shag Revisited

Although the shag hairstyle was very popular in 2016, it has a new spin this year, with longer layers and shorter length than the shoulders. This popular trend is facial framing and dynamic. Layers abate the heaviness of your hair, so it looks fuller. Try to join some highlights for size.

3.Hair Trends:The Hair Flip

Hair Trends This style is so easy and increases tons of volume. Just flip the hair to the other side you usually wear. Really, that’s it! Your hair is so used to flexure one way it becomes flattered at the roots over time. They vary in direction gives your hair (and you!) an instant lift.

4.Hair Trends:The Bob & Bangs

The clean, long-chin bangs with face frames are the perfect cut for spring. The straight bangs are cut to give the hair a delicate, straight texture.

5.Hair Trends:Golden Bronde

Hair Trends That’s not a typo. It’s a new color tendency. The cross between yellow and gold, this rich three-dimensional color looks blond in some lighting and brown in another lighting. An added bonus? The additional size created the look of more plumpness. Always treat your hair with a light volumizing conditioner after you wash it, particularly when coloring. Conditioner helps keep hair wholesome and flexible.

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