Hairstyles and Hair fashion trends 2020

Hair fashion trends There are some new hair fashion trends 2020 and new styles also came which you can try this year. Trying new hairstyles is a kind of fun some like it some don’t. There are so many things to try with your hair. You can try some new hairstyles; you can try some hair colors. And also you can highlight your hair and many more things which you can do. You can try styles that you haven’t tried yet. There are many hairstyles which you can try.  

The natural hairstyle isn’t boring or outdated but trying new is fun. There are many hairstyles which you can try. 

Here are some hair colors and styles which you can try. 

Hair fashion trends

  • Tweed’s hair 

This hairstyle the root of your hair will be dark and goes lighter in the end. And this type of hairstyle and coloring is trending also. 

  • Rooted platinum 

This hairstyle your hair will be colored in silver color and a little bit of your root will be darkened. And it also looks good with blond color. 

  • Rusty copper  

In this your hair will be colored with burnished red shade and a little highlight of red. 

  • Pale ash blond  

It is a creamy blond color and it also looks very beautiful. And it goes with all the skin tones. 

  • Orchard red 

This Hair color contains both copper and auburn tones and it looks very gorgeous.  

And you must change your style with the trend. As in 2019, you should follow fashion hair 2019 styles. And if you are new to coloring or styling your hair you should give little texture to your hairs or you can highlight them. However, if you are not sure about what to do and want to go with style then you can hire a color therapist or a stylist as your choice. Or you can also start with light and blond colors. In 2019 the styles are mostly simple but in 2020 it is different. 

Top hairstyles in trend 

Hair fashion trends

There are so many different hairstyles which you can try. You can also spot stars on the red carpet with these styles. These styles can change your look. Here are some styles which are trending right now. 

  • Shattered Pixie cut 
  • Mid-length middle part waves 
  • Long, deep side part waves 
  • Rounded Bob with long bangs 
  • Sharp a-line bob 
  • Chin-length layered bob 
  • Short, beachy waves 
  • Heavily layered short bob 
  • Braided chignon 

And there are many more different hairstyles to try. These hairstyles are which are mentioned above is recommended by the experts. However, there are many different hairstyles which you can select. You can find different hairstyles on the internet as per your choice. As in 2019 people are mostly coloring their hair as silver, grey. In hair fashion trends 2020 people are trying new hairstyles for looking good. People are trying some old 90s style and also trying some funky styles this year. People must try new hairstyles and must go on with the flow. 


Benefits of 26 inch stick tip hair extensions

Benefits of 26 inch stick tip hair extensions

 stick tip hair extensions  However, most of the woman gets lost in all the information available in a different type of hair extensions. Therefore they find it difficult to find which extension is best for you. There are many extensions type available for example, microbeads, clips, tapes, bundles, wefts, Remy hair, etc. Mostly many of them are overwhelming and confusing. You can have the 26 inch stick tip hair extensions for looking gorgeous with the best hair type.  

The hair extension of all each types caters to a different need and is also different from each other. However some are suitable for dense hair, some are permanent and also some are good for thin strands.  Therefore it is good to know about the different extensions before buying it for the first time. Therefore we are providing you all the details of stick tip hair extensions to help you more. 

Hair extensions works on Thin and short looks

stick tip hair extensions

However, when it comes to beautiful and full hair all women are not Mother Nature gifted. Therefore extensions are invented to take full advantage of it.  Stick tip hair extensions can make all the difference to the world if you have natural strands that are lifeless and dull. It is available in all sizes. The 26 inchstick tip hair extensions will give you a feeling of long beautiful hair. 

Hot fusion great alternative 

The use of hot fusion methods is painful therefore it is the best alternative as it does not require heat for application. It is also known as the cold fusion method. Particularly glue is also not used as it is applied with the help of small beads. These beads are known as nano or microbeads. Thus for fixing 22 inch stick tip hair extensions these beads are used. Therefore using the stick tip hair extensions method is a very simple and easy way.  

Stick tip hair extensions can be attached at home

stick tip hair extensions

Stick tips hair extensions can be attached at home if you have some knowledge and few tools available. Therefore it is a great way to save money and it is one of the biggest advantages. So start trying with the 14 inch stick tip hair extensions.  

Easy and quick removal of stick tip hair

Usually, it can be done in minutes as detaching is simpler than attaching in this process. Particularly, the pliers are used to detach it just by locating the first bead. Soon the stick shape tip will slide down by opening the bead up. Anything will not be simple beyond it. 


For thinner strands they are great 

stick tip hair extensions

In comparison to other these extensions are light, therefore do not put any kind of strand on the hair. Therefore they are the best option for thin and fine strands. 

Long Life Span 

The quality strip hair extension will have a long life.  Particularly they do not easily peel away or damage. All available inches in stick type hair extensions remain safe and sane for a long time. 


However, many women have an opinion that stick hair extension is costly. But no they are very cheap and also affordable. 


As a result of all the benefits, we have discussed this method is very easy and simple. Also, it protects the hair from damage. In short, it is the easiest and affordable method to use as hair extensions. Therefore many people use 26 inch stick tip hair extensions for a long thick hair look.