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The Difference With Remy & Virgin Hair

Remy Human Hair

Remy or remy is not a brand name. This term refers to a collection of hair has the following characteristics. Hair shiny, soft, durable, and have a longer life expectancy than a non remy hair. Remy hair doesn't always mean a virgin hair. Although the two terms are synonymous, they are completely different in meaning. Remy hair is probably the most easily misunderstood and misused phrases in the distribution sector.

Overall, remy human hair is made from chemical treatment of the highest quality levels (dyeing) made of a woman's hair hair extensions. In addition, all of the hair must follow the same direction and the same length, to ensure the high quality free set tangles. This type of hair is real hair, but corneous layer is due to the collection process. This hair into acid bath to remove cuticle. Because it is almost impossible to eliminate all of the cuticle, organic silicon is used to smooth the hair, and give it a shiny appearance. The siloxane is permanent, usually within the first or second washing wash out. Once the silicon has been eliminated, any remaining corneous layer reel off raw silk from cocoons, creating tangles. If there is no smooth silicon layer, the hair will become impossible to detangle and useless very quickly.

A human hair is as the budget is limited, and only need a temporary style. Non remy hair is very popular, it is ready. Not a virgin remy through chemical processing, usually used for texture or color. This hair has two root and mix, make all the hair won't run on the same direction. This type of hair shaved through stratum corneum or sometimes opposite ends of the hair. This reduced the likelihood of the friction between the hair, so keep the hair tangles freedom as the name suggests. The hair has the same length and is likely to be the best type of non remy human hair, you can find, but it isn't the best receiver, you can find. Non remy hair have taken place in chemical processing.

Remy Virgin Hair.jpg

Virgin Hair

Virgin hair is has not been dyed hair, bulky or chemical treatment in any way. Virgin hair is the best quality hair, because of its behavior, favorite hair grow out of our heads. It's important to remember that, just because the hair is said to be "virgin" does not mean that it is remy is very important. It depends on the collection. If the hair is cut from a single braid, it is more likely to be a virgin is up for sale, because the cuticle donated before is consistent. This hairstyle can be expensive, but it is for those who want to reuse the hair for many years. If the hair is shaved off, or collected in the form of blood donation after the boom, corneous layer is almost impossible to align, so as to sell hair in the local beauty shop.

Virgin hair texture is generally straight, wavy or curly hair. But that after chemical treatment of texture, such as fever, body wave hair or no hair is no longer a virgin. Sometimes, virgin hair quality of a material may be changed using the high pressure and heating method, make curls and waves. Hair is still considered a virgin, because there is no chemical processing. If the remy hair has changed color, it is a chemical process, and is no longer regarded as a virgin.

Remy and Virgin India Hair are both the high quality hair extensions.