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How to Apply/Remove Tape In Hair Extensions

Re-apply with super tape after 8 weeks.

1, Hair must be applied to wash unconditioned hair. Part your hair in desired area where extension needs to be applied.
2, Remove the white cover on the tape extension to expose the sticky tape. (For longer hold, the super tape can be applied) Warm the tape with hair dryer or flat iron before applying to hair. Line up the extension directly even with the scalp and attach by pressing to piece of desired hair.
3, You then double the thickness by adding another layer to the underneath of the piece.
4, The two sticky sides will be facing each other and your section of hair will be in the middle.
5, Again, Apply heat by blow dryer or flat iron to seal.
6, You are finished! Your hair is now thick and seamless! Do not wash hair for three days after application.

steps to apply tape in hair extensions


If you want to remove them, You can remove the tape hair extensions easily with these steps.

1, Discover where the natural hair meets the tape extensions, you need to see the extension tape easily.
2, Spray sheen oil. Rub the sheen oil to saturate the tape so that it comes off easily.
3, Hair grease. The hair grease loosens the tapes.
4, Remove tape hair extensions. After those steps, you can easily remove your tape hair extensions. Anyway, after all the tape hair extensions are removed, you will find some of the tapes still attached to your hair.
5, Cold water wash your tape hair extensions.6, Blow drying your tape hair extensions and save them carefully.